The Salvation Army here in the Western part of the United States has its own newspaper called “New Frontier.” They did a recent story that caught my eye for a number of reasons.

In a typical month in Clovis, California, The Salvation Army used to give out about 115 food boxes to struggling families in this city of 95,000 people. Now, that number has grown to more than 350. That’s the first startling bit of information.
The next thing about this story that I found surprising is that so many cars had lined up to receive food boxes that they stopped traffic for about one and a quarter miles in the middle of downtown Clovis. Police were called out to the scene to find out what was “creating havoc” with the town’s traffic.

The best part is of the story is how the police officers responded: what they found touched their hearts too.

Instead of regulating distribution, issuing fines or doing any of a number of things we associate with the police department, “Clovis’s finest” went back to their headquarters and organized a food drive. Three days later they delivered 159 pounds of food to the local Salvation Army worship and community center with a commitment to collect food on an ongoing basis.

The Salvation Army ran out of food on the day the traffic stood still, but their friends at the Clovis Police Department have pledged not to let it happen again. God bless our men and women who wear the badge in Clovis! We want to thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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