Every so often I do a Google News search on the keywords “Salvation Army” just to see what I find. Today was one of those bonus days when three items came up – in a row – that show the range of efforts and depth of creativity our people have in solving local needs.

I promised to find and share “buried treasures” about the wonderful work of Salvation Army when I started this blog, so here are a few I found today:
1) The Globe and Mail ran with a surprising headline today: Salvation Army in Battle Over Prostitution. The story details the Army’s efforts to combat human trafficking in Canada with the help of a woman who was once a victim herself. Her story will be featured soon in an aggressive anti-trafficking marketing and education campaign by the Army in Canada. Ads will show photos of women degraded by the horrors of trafficking. Some of the marketing material is already showing up in mens’ restrooms at bars around Vancouver. Thank God The Salvation Army isn’t afraid to get dirty and get real on issues as important as this one.

2)The Salinas Californian posted a photo with caption on a dance class being held for seniors at the local Salvation Army center every Monday morning. Providing activities that keep older folks active, healthy and integrated into the life of the community is a ministry objective of The Salvation Army. What better way to do all three than to host a dance class?

3) The Fon Du Lac Reporter in Wisconsin has a short piece on the local Salvation Army store’s plan to host an “Art in the Park…ing Lot Sale.” The event is being held to showcase some of the lovely pieces of art donated to the Army for resale and of course, to hopefully sell some too. A fancy local coffee company will be on hand to serve refreshments to the first 50 customers. Seems to me like a clever way change the public’s perception about the kind of treasures they can find at a Salvation Army store and remind them that the revenue generated helps fund our social service work.

Thanks for joining me on a tour of Salvation Army news today. As always, if you have any questions or feedback about the work of The Salvation Army near you, please leave me a message in the comment section below.

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