Four days before Christmas a young woman in Pueblo, Colorado wrote to The Salvation Army’s international web page to ask for help. “I need help, even just a prayer please,” was the subject line of her message.

“Micaela” (named changed) was going through a difficult time: she’d suffered with a long-standing illness, her husband had been laid off, and they’d lost their home. Her health had improved enough for her to get back to work, but the family’s finances were so tight that her kids wouldn’t have much for Christmas.

She and her husband made a tough decision and then had to explain it to the kids: their pets would have to be given away because they cost too much to keep. Her humble note said that even if all The Salvation Army could do was pray for the family, “that would be so great.”

Her email landed in our London, England headquarters and was quickly forwarded to Colonel Melvyn Morelock, our very own prayer warrior for The Salvation Army in the Western US. He called the local Salvation Army officer in the Pueblo, Colorado office who got in the car and made a home visit to “Micaela’s” family. Captain Harold Laubach – our man in Pueblo – invited her to visit the local Salvation Army office and get the help she needed. The very next day, December 23rd, she came to the office and left with a large food box, a turkey, and two bags of toys for each of her kids.

Not surprising, she was overcome with emotion and gratitude. The Salvation Army is grateful that God allowed us to be part of His answer to “Micaela’s” prayer.

There are a lot of families suffering like “Micaela’s” family. If you’re one of them, or know someone who is, start praying and then let The Salvation Army know how we can help.

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