The Salvation Army here in the Western US has a beautiful magazine about our holistic ministries called Caring. About four years ago they did a short story about our overseas child sponsorships which allow folks in the US to make a donation and receive updates about a child in one of our programs abroad. They featured a young man in the story named Yves Montoban. You can read the issue online here.

Yves Montoban

Yves’ mother took him to the La Maison Du Bonheur children’s home in Port au Prince, Haiti when he was four years old because she was sick and like many Haitians, out of work too. She knew that The Salvation Army would be able to give him more than she could.

While he lived at the children’s home, he was also enrolled in The Salvation Army school and was involved in one of our worship communities. According to the leader of the children’s home in those days, Yves had faithful sponsors whose support allowed him to stay in school and pursue opportunities that so many other kids don’t have.

Now 25, Yves is a soldier – with a Bible, not a gun – in the local Salvation Army church (we call it a Corps) and works at The Salvation Army headquarters in Port au Prince in the Information Technology Department. Most recently he’s been serving as our documentary photographer of the Haiti earthquake relief effort. His photos have been used to tell the story of The Salvation Army’s presence in the aftermath of the devastation, bringing food, water and comfort to the survivors. Some of the photos are heart-wrenching, while others are beautiful and hopeful.

Here’s a Flickr slideshow of some of his work:

Find more of his photos at the following links:
Salvation Army National Headquarters blog
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Yves’ personal website

Thank you Yves for all you’re doing to help us understand how we can help. May God bless you and keep you safe.

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