Senior CitizensEach of has something or someone special which touches our heart; an issue or person that we can’t help caring about. For me, it’s senior citizens. Making sure their needs – in every category; physical, spiritual, recreational, etc., – are more than met is a priority for me.

The people who work with senior citizens have a calling on their life. They’re heroes in my book.

My mom needed professional care in her last few months of life. A warm, caring man named Gomer helped us make sure that her final months were cheerful and comfortable. I can’t thank him enough for his compassion. He grieved mom’s loss too (she was Promoted to Glory about three weeks ago) but that’s the risk you take when you really care.

Working with older people, especially when their health is compromised, is hard work if you do it right. Just ask Gomer, he can tell you.

The Salvation Army in Alaska is definitely doing it right. The Serendipity Adult Day Care Program in Anchorage is open from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday to give senior citizens and adults with special needs opportunities to engage in stimulating activities that keep them active and bring them joy.

Lt. Colonel Dave Hudson, Jesalyn Stanton (Exec. Dir.) Serendipity, Major Doug Tollerud

For families who are caring for elderly parents, the program is a blessing. Click here to watch a recent news story on KTVA Anchorage to find out more about how The Salvation Army is improving the lives of senior citizens and the families who love them.

Serendipty just received the Western Territorial Angel Award, for for its high standards and dedication to the safety of their program participants. Here’s a photo of program director Jesalyn Stanton receiving her award.

Click here to find a Salvation Army older adult ministry near you. Thanks for reading this post!

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