Liberian Salvation Army delivers supplies to help stop spread of Ebola
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Every day that the Ebola crisis continues to make news, I’m sure you feel as I do and pray for a permanent solution. Until that time comes, I’m grateful that our Army is also there offering its help in the form of sanitation supplies to medical facilities, food relief to affected families and even operating its mobile clinic. See below for more details from our International Headquarters in London…

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Salvation Army building wins architecture awards

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The Salvation Army, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

Usually, Salvation Army buildings don’t interest me too much. I’m concerned with what happens inside those buildings, and mostly with what goes on in the lives of the people in them. But just this once, here’s a Salvation Army building that deserves our notice.

In a town called Chelmsford in the Eastern part of England, the new Salvation Army worship and community center structure is creating quite a stir. When it opened a year ago the neighbors weren’t sure if they liked it. Since then, the architects who designed and built it began to rack up awards (they have four already). Now folks appreciate it because once they get close enough to take in its design, they find out about the wonderful things going on inside.

According to the Chelmsford Weekly News, the building is the only one Essex county to receive the coveted Royal Academy of British Architects award.

The building was designed by Hudson Architects in Norwich and is made of laminated timber panels produced by KLH in Austria. The panels are less expensive than reinforced concrete, and offer the added bonus of being more environmentally friendly.

Click here to read more about this project – and see photos – at the Architecture, Construction and Design Open Community website.

Here’s a link to The Salvation Army Chelmsford Citadel page on the UK / Ireland Division’s website.