The Salvation ArmyWhen people learn that I work for The Salvation Army, they share all kinds of experiences and memories.

Once, I was chatting with one the servers at my favorite lunch spot and she asked me where I work. When I told her, she said she’d just donated some baby furniture to our local thrift store.

I started in on my “elevator speech” about what happens when people give their gently-used items to our stores (something like this; “your donation is sold in our stores to raise the funding that provides no-cost substance abuse rehabilitation for people who desperately need it”) and she said, “Yes, I know.”

She and her husband had both been addicts. During the height of their drug-using days, child protective services came into their home and took their kids. That’s when they knew they needed to solve their drug problems once and for all. They both entered The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center, graduated and got their kids back. The last time I saw her, she and her family were moving so her husband could take a great new job.

You bet she know what happens when people lovingly donate their household goods, clothing and furniture to The Salvation Army. She’ll never be able to forget.

This week Salvation Army Cadet Matthew Jensen wrote the following post on his Facebook page: “What’s better than getting a fresh cup of coffee at Starbucks? When the man behind the counter sees my uniform and tells me, ‘If it weren’t for The Salvation Army I’d be dead today. I was deep in addiction until you guys searched me out and rescued me.’ Today, my cup of coffee represents Christ’s victorious battle flag.”

If you’ve been around The Salvation Army for a while you’ve heard stories like this. Please share them in the comment field below. I’d love to start a collection of stories about how God is using The Salvation Army to show His love.

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