The Weather Channel says 3-day forecast in Phoenix, Arizona looks like this:
Today – high of 104 degrees
Tomorrow – high of 111 degrees
Day after tomorrow – high of 105 degrees

You get the picture.  It’s hot in Phoenix.  Sadly, every summer homeless people die of exposure to high temperatures in Phoenix. About 100 people died in 2002, one of the hottest summers in recent history.

I’m not surprised to learn that The Salvation Army has a practical approach to the problem of excessive heat. When the weather service calls a ‘heat emergency’ – expected temperatures of 110 degrees or more – the Army in Phoenix sets up cooling stations to offer help to those who have no where to go to beat the heat. They hand out bottles of cold water, sunscreen, and hats and give them a shady place to sit.

We’re just one week into July, a month that will probably produce several days of 110+ temperatures. Please help us keep people from dying of exposure. If you would like to donate cold bottled water, hats, or sunscreen, please drop them off at 2707 E. Van Buren St., in Phoenix. If you’d like to volunteer at a hydration station, please call (602) 267-4100.

Here’s a Flickr slideshow of the hydration station ministry in Phoenix:

For more on The Salvation Army’s ministry to battle high temperatures, please click here.

Click here for tips on how to avoid the risk of excessive heat exposure.

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