Bellringer iPhone app

It’s not every day The Salvation Army finds itself on the leading edge of high-technology gadgetry, but what do you know, there we are. Mashable, an influential social media news source, named The Salvation Army’s ‘Bellringer’ among the five non profits iPhone apps most worth knowing about! That’s pretty heady stuff! Click here to read the article.

The ‘bell ringer’ app was rolled out last Christmas. It allows you download an application which places an image of a bell on your iPhone and most important, the sound of the bell too. When you rock your phone back and forth, the bell rings. You can even select one of 12 tones for your bell to play!

Here’s my challenge to you; assemble all your iPhone-wielding friends, let them each pick out a different tone for their bell, and start a high-tech hand bell choir!

If you do, I personally guarantee you a space on our website for your inevitable YouTube video. Try it! It would be a wonderful way to remind people that a gift to the iconic red kettle stays in the community where it was given to care for people who are struggling to get by.

Thanks for all you do for The Salvation Army. Download the iPhone app right here.

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