Stack of BooksA few months ago I told you that some of our Thrift Stores had begun selling donated books through online resellers like Amazon or Now, ten of our Thrift Store operations have started doing it too and are reaping great financial rewards.

Christin Davis writes in a recent issue of the New Frontier – our Western Territorial newspaper – that our combined virtual book sales for the 13 state territory provided $3.8 in income for fiscal year 2009 and has already reached $2.8 million in gross sales in the first nine months of 2010!

Let me remind you that every dollar raised by the sale of donated items in our thrift stores – or online – is used to fund our no-fee drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in dozens of communities.

Next time you want to buy a used book, please check a Salvation Army online bookstore:
:: Econgo Books – managed by the Sacramento, California Adult Rehabilitation Center / Thrift Store
:: Elistics Books – managed by the Anaheim, California Adult Rehabilitation Center / Thrift Store

Click here to read the full version of Christin’s story on our New Frontier website.

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