Liberian Salvation Army delivers supplies to help stop spread of Ebola
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Every day that the Ebola crisis continues to make news, I’m sure you feel as I do and pray for a permanent solution. Until that time comes, I’m grateful that our Army is also there offering its help in the form of sanitation supplies to medical facilities, food relief to affected families and even operating its mobile clinic. See below for more details from our International Headquarters in London…

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More beautiful Salvation Army billboard ads!

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I love a good ad campaign. In the last couple of years I’ve written about some great Salvation Army advertising from all over the world on this blog.

  • Remember “This Ad Cost Nothing“, the guerilla ad campaign in Portland, Maine a year or so ago?
  • Or, the Scandanavian bus bench ads for the Army that featured a coin-drop box?
  • How about the Brazilian ad that urged people to donate gently-used clothing by featuring brightly-colored stacks of pants, sweaters and jackets?

  • Now, I have the pleasure of writing about a lovely, simple campaign that was launched by my colleagues right here in this building!

    I heard about the ads in concept, but then I was taken by surprise one evening on a walk to the grocery store: I looked up and saw the striking ad that said, “One man’s old shirt is another man’s new start” on a billboard above my head. So I snapped a photo with my cell phone and sent it to Twitter where a dozen or more people commented on the power and beauty of the ad.

    Here’s what that ad and the other two in the campaign look like.

    If these ads have motivated you to drop off some clothing, household items, or furniture at a Salvation Army store then they’ve done their job. Thank you!

    :: Click here for a link to the website where you can find a store or drop off location near you or schedule a pick up.

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