Update: Salvation Army’s efforts to slow spread of Ebola virus in Africa
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The Salvation Army is supporting 5,000 people with food since many who have recovered from Ebola often return home to find their possessions removed to ward off further infection. And teachers from The Salvation Army’s 12 schools in Liberia are being trained to provide Ebola awareness and hygiene education in the communities around the schools.

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UK company gives 10% of new positions to homeless people

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Here’s a great idea I’d love to see successful companies replicate all over the world!

In a partnership with The Salvation Army and Create, a social enterprise firm, Morrisons grocery chain is offering 10% of its new jobs to homeless people.

Morrisons is the fourth largest food retailer in the UK and growing quickly. They anticipate needing about 10,000 new personnel to staff the stores they’re opening all over the country in the next three years.

Create is a nonprofit organization that helps companies develop training and employment opportunities for people who are living on the margins in society. They also run restaurants and catering services that employ people who need help getting back into the workforce and an opportunity to build their skills.

New recruits at Morrisons will get three months of training, after which they can take on an apprenticeship as a butcher, baker or fishmonger. Five new employees who recently completed training began their first day of work in a Morrisons’ store yesterday in a disadvantaged area of Leeds, England. Please join us in wishing the new Morrisons’ employees well!

Thank you to Morrisons and Create for a wonderful, innovative idea to offer dignity and meaningful work to people who often feel invisible to the rest of society. Let’s pray that this idea catches on in the US too!

If you’d like to read more about this story, click here for a link to the BBC website.

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