Coffee Beans

Though Vietnam is not one of the 122 countries where The Salvation Army has a ministry presence, we’re buying coffee beans directly from the farmers there to insure they get a fair price.

The beans will be roasted in San Francisco and available for purchase sometime in 2011.

Christin Davis, editor of The Salvation Army’s Caring Magazine and Nikole Lim, a photographer and filmmaker, went to Vietnam last week to learn more about the fair trade coffee project. Here is a short video about what they learned:

Be sure to read the Spring 2011 version of Caring Magazine for full coverage on this story. If you’re not already a subscriber, shoot Christin an email and she’ll hook you up.

And, while we’re at it, why not celebrate Christmas with “Just Gifts” from The Salvation Army that support people in developing communities all around our world? Click here for a link to the Army’s online store in the UK where you can buy a birthing kit, a water well, a pig or any number of things people need to improve their lives.

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