Each year from sometime in November through New Years Day, Salvation Army bell ringers dot the landscape all across the United States to raise money for local services in the familiar red kettles.

A tradition that dates back 119 years, the kettle program began on the Embarcadero in San Francisco by Captain Joseph McFee.

This is going to be a banner year; more people will need our help than ever before. The best way to care for them is to have a successful kettle season!

Will you please help us by taking a few hours and volunteer to ring the bells?

Across the Western United States, there are opportunities to get your Christmas spirit on and ring the bells to help care for people in your community. Check out this list to find your city:

Anchorage, AlaskaClick here to check for opportunities online or call Mary at (907) 339-3429.
Colorado Springs, ColoradoClick on this link for their website.
Denver, Colorado – Contact Mary via email or by phone at (303) 866-9280.
Fresno, CaliforniaClick here for a link to Fresno’s online volunteer registration system.
Honolulu, Hawaii – Call (808) 521-6551 for greater Honolulu, (808) 487-1636 for leeward Honolulu, and (808) 235-1408 for windward Honolulu. Click here for other volunteer contact numbers, by city.
Greater Los Angeles, California – Call (213) 896-9178 for downtown LA, (310) 451-1358 for Santa Monica, and (818) 845-7214 for Burbank. Get the link to our zip code finder for contact info on other cities around Los Angeles.
Phoenix, Arizona – Contact Danielle via email here or by phone at (602) 267-4117.
Portland, OregonClick on this link to sign up at RingBellsPortland!
Reno, Nevada – Contact Marla via email or by phone at (775) 688-4555, ext. 200.
Sacramento, CaliforniaClick here for a link to Hands On Sacramento.
Salt Lake City, UtahClick here to check out the volunteer page or call (801) 323-5888.
San Diego, California – Call (619) 699-2200 for downtown San Diego, (858) 483-1831 for the Clairemont area, or (619) 269-1424 for the Rolando area (Salvation Army Ray and Joan Kroc Center). Click this link to find contact information for other areas near San Diego.
San Francisco, California – Contact Jamie via email or by phone at (415) 503-2720
Seattle, Washington – Contact Michele via email or on (206) 217-1281.

If your city is not on this list, please click here for the zip code finder so you can call the Army near you. Or, send me an email message and I’ll refer you to the right place. Thank you!

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