In Solano County, California, Salvation Army Captain Jonathan Harvey is asking folks to prepare their hearts for Easter and “help a neighbor in need rise above their challenges.”

So many people in this Northern California county have been impacted by layoffs, downsizing and the general state of the economy that Captain Harvey is making a plea on their behalf.

As Harvey notes, trying times have a way of shaking our faith.

So, he’s asking those who can to reach out to those who are struggling with a financial gift that can provide them the essentials of life this Easter season.

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We often view Lent as a time to “give up” something because it’s a wonderful way to experience sacrifice. This year, while you contemplate what to give up, thinking about giving too.

You could take the money you’d spend on something for yourself and give it to a family that needs help with their bills, buying food, or filling their gas tank.

The Salvation Army can help you make a meaningful gift this Easter season. Click here for a link to our online giving portal. As always, your gift will stay in your own community.

If you’re looking for other ways to honor Christ’s sacrifice – the real meaning of Easter – during the Lenten season, click here for a link to The Salvation Army’s national blog for a calendar full of ideas.

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