The following information is taken from an information briefing provided by our National Headquarters. Please click this link to our national blog site for more details.

>> The Salvation Army in Japan has three emergency service relief teams operating in impacted areas (Sendai, Mito and the Fukashimi Daiichi nuclear power station); the teams have been recognized by the Japanese government and given access to access roads and areas currently closed off to the general public.

>> Two experienced International Emergency Services workers have flown to Tokyo from The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters in London to assist their Japanese colleagues.

>> The Salvation Army’s Korea Territory has arranged for the K-Water Corporation to provide 100,000 bottles of water to be sent to Japan – 30,000 bottles by the end of the week, followed by the rest within a short time; the Korea Disaster Relief Association will also be sending 5,000 first-aid kits.

>> In a touching show of solidarity 1,500 young Salvationists in Haiti – who themselves were recently impacted by a devastating earthquake – held a rally in Fond-des-Nègres to pray for victims and survivors in Japan.

Here’s how you can help:
>> Keep praying that God would protect and sustain the people of Japan.
>> Click here to make an financial gift at our secure online portal.
>> Text the word “Quake” or “Japan” to 80888 to make a $10 gift to support our disaster relief and response effort in Japan through our Salvation Army World Services Office.
>> Buy this $20 fundraising t-shirt; all proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be used to support The Salvation Army’s work in Japan.

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