When large-scale disasters happen in any part of the world our television screens quickly fill up with images of destruction. Our natural reaction is to get busy and do something to help.

Shane Turner, photo by Michael Mustacchi

In the San Francisco Bay Area last week, we saw what can happen when folks apply their talent and good ideas to the task of disaster fundraising. WiLD 94.9 FM radio station’s “Bid on Britney for Japan Relief” auction and 11 year-old piano and singing prodigy Shane Tuner are two great examples!

WiLD 94.9 FM is the radio sponsor of next week’s Britney Spears concert and live performance on Good Morning America from San Francisco’s Castro District. The concert will be a free (and jam packed!) event but WiLD 94.9 is auctioning off a pair of VIP passes to the front row for optimal Britney viewing.

All proceeds from the auction will be donated to The Salvation Army’s Japan relief fund! The bidding closes on Wednesday, March 23, so get to it! Here’s the link to WiLD 94.9’s “Bid on Britney for Japan Relief” page.

Shane Turner is in the 5th grade at Corte Madera School and every week he has a gig in a Menlo Park restaurant called Oak City Grill. Shane was introduced to The Salvation Army when he performed during the Celebrity Bell Ringing event at Union Square event in December 2010. Here’s a link to Shane’s YouTube page where you can see him in action and a link to his personal website.

The Salvation Army must have made a positive impression on him. Just last week Shane and his friend 7th grader Lexi Kastanis played a show and decided in advance to donate all their tips to The Salvation Army’s Japan relief fund. They announced it a couple of times during the performance and raised $77 that night!

Our sincere thanks go out to the team at WiLD 94.9 FM and performers Shane Turner and Lexi Kastanis for their compassion and concern for disaster survivors in Japan. And, thanks to all the radio listeners and restaurant patrons who supported their great fundraising ideas too!

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