YouTube talents encourage donors to give to The Salvation Army
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This year’s Rock the Red Kettle Concert was incredible! We were blessed to have talented artists such as Shawn Mendes, Becky G, R5, Bea Miller, Exist Elsewhere, and Josh Levi grace the stage in support of our 124th Red Kettle Campaign. What we didn’t know that night was that watching from the audience was a pair of talented young women who not only heard our message about Doing The Most good and giving back this holiday season, but took it upon themselves to help us spread the word.

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More fashion from Christine’s closet

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Christine, look #4It seems like Christine is always learning new lessons when she scours our thrift stores for great bargains and good finds: spend a moment taking one last look before you go.

She found this wonderful lace beauty on her last pass through the skirt department, just as she was about to leave the store. And, it was a whopping $3.99!

As much as Christine loves the lacy top layer; the white lining underneath really made the lace panel designs stand out so she snapped it up quickly.

When she got home she added a white tank top and a handmade bolero jacket to put the finishing touches on the outfit.

Have a peek at how it came together in the slideshow below.

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  • Michele Binienda says:

    Love, love, love the Salvation Army Thrift stores. I know where a bunch of them are located within about a 5-50 mile radius from my home here in Michigan. I’ve gotten compliments on things purchased there. At one time, where I was younger, I would have been appalled to shop there. I was working and had money to spend. Now I’m currently unemployed by choice (though hopefully soon to be employed again) and my husband is unemployed (NOT by choice) and the thrift stores are the place to go. When I was completing an Associate’s degree in Health Information Technology, I knew I would be interning in an office as part of the degree requirements. I picked a day I had no other pressing things to do, went to my local Salvation Army, had on comfortable shoes and clothes, grabbed a cart and just spent a leisurely afternoon looking for business casual dress slacks in petite sizes and I found a bunch. Brought them home, tried them on and returned what didn’t fit. (By the way, there are dressing rooms to try on clothes at the thrift stores. My choice was to try the slacks on at home with different shoe heights I might wear with the slacks). I’ve always loved to shop and shopping at the Salvation Army is no different. I’ve gotten lots of cute tops, a coat and lots of other stuff. I’ve bought glasses there too for the kitchen, along with cookie sheets. To anyone who thinks they’re too good to shop at a Salvation Army Thrift store, think again. So did I at one time. Salvation Army Thrift stores are a treasure trove of bargains and hidden treasures too. You just have to look. Also, I donate to the Salvation Army too. Praise God that the Salvation Army and their thrift stores exist. And thanks Christine for showing us your beautiful fashions.

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