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Do you remember the excitement of the first day of school? Wearing a new outfit, equipped with new notebooks, pencils, backpack and unlimited possibility! Share that memory by assisting an in-need child get ready for the upcoming school year.

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Help us “Brew Hope” with coffee growers in Vietnam

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Americans love our coffee: we drink 400 million cups of the stuff each day! That’s a whole lotta joe.

But many of us don’t realize that most of the beans required to make our favorite beverage are produced by the developing world in conditions of poverty.

Second only to Brazil, Vietnam is the top producing coffee nation in the world. So, The Salvation Army here in the Western US decided to help lift growers in Vietnam out of poverty by buying our coffee from them.

Through a network of connections, Major Man Hee Chang, leader of the Adult Rehabilitation Centers and Family Stores here in the West, has purchased nearly 90,000 pounds of coffee so far. Our contact is Vu Pham Hoang, who represents the farm in Pleiku, Vietnam that’s been in his family for generations.

According to Major Chang, we’re not just doing fair trade; we’re doing direct trade, with the profits going straight back to the growers.

The beans are roasted in San Francisco, California and are used to supply the hot, delicious beverage needs of our 22 residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs in the Western 13 US states. And, coffee is available for purchase by other Salvation Army units and the general public too!

:: Click here to buy coffee from our Brewing Hope website. A 15% discount is available for orders placed by May 15, 2011.

The proceeds of coffee sales are being used to support social projects in Pleiku. We’ve already been privileged to help the Catholic Church’s Sao Mai Orphanage care for the 50 children in residence.

To read more about our Brewing Hope coffee project, please see the article in our Caring Magazine below.

:: Click here to read the Caring Magazine story on

The Salvation Army has no official presence in Vietnam, but we pray that God opens a door for us to do full-time ministry there one day soon. Please keep this project in your prayers and buy some coffee!

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  • [...] Did you know that coffee is the second-most traded commodity on earth? Most of our favorite pick-me-up is produced in impoverished countries of the “bean belt” – the area between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Back in May, The Salvation Army’s Western Territory shared with us their amazing efforts to support poor coffee producers in Vietnam through their Brewing Hope Initiative. [...]