In celebration of National Salvation Army Week, about 50 volunteers gathered at The Salvation Army’s Disaster Services Warehouse on Friday in the city of Bell, California to pack 1,000 food boxes for local families in need.

The following day, 100 of these boxes were distributed to pre-registered families in East Los Angeles, with the remaining boxes to be distributed later at Southern California Salvation Army locations in Bellflower, Inglewood, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Pomona, San Pedro, Santa Monica and Whittier.

Each box contains enough to feed a family of four for one week. In the boxes you’ll find things like pasta, rice, beans, tomato sauce, canned tuna, soup, peanut butter and more.

Click on the arrow below for a slideshow of images from the food packing event.

If you’d like to help struggling families put food on their tables during this tough economy, consider donating something from this list to your local Salvation Army food pantry:

> Ready-to-eat canned fruits and vegetables
> Canned juice, milk and low sodium soups
> High-energy foods such as peanut butter, jelly and salt-free crackers
> Trail mix in airtight bags or containers
> Compressed food bars which are high in protein (such as Power Bars or Clif Bars)
> Dried foods like beef or turkey jerky (watch for salt content)
> Whole grain cereals like oatmeal and low-fat granola
> Snack-sized canned goods with pull-off lids
> Beverages in foil packets or boxes such as Capri Sun and Hi-C
> Canned tuna or ham
> Pastas in any shape or size

Thank you donors and volunteers for helping us feed families in need!

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