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Like all giving to The Salvation Army, it’s all about local. That’s one of many things people like best about us.

When you put money in the kettle or respond to a fundraising email or letter, your gift stays in your community to care for people who struggling to make ends meet.

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Steal this great idea!

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On the second day of her new job at The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center in Tucson, Arizona Ashley Lueders had a great idea.

She was hired by Major James Sloan to work part-time doing marketing projects for the Family Stores which provide financial support for the Tucson center. She just started last week and one of the first things she did was visit Craigslist to research ideas for online advertising.

Instead of advertising opportunities, she found the section where folks offer items for free. That day she spotted three good looking sofas so she emailed the users through Craigslist or called them to see if they’d consider donating to The Salvation Army instead. Score!

Every day she checks Craigslist for more good quality free stuff in Tucson. Most days Ashley says there are two or three items that would be good sellers in one of their stores.

Once they make contact with the owner and offer to schedule a pickup, she says they can typically count on getting at least one donated item. She says that even for those Adult Rehabilitation Centers that don’t have marketing help, the dispatchers can make contact with potential Craigslist donors and get the same results!

Ashley graduated last year from the University of Arizona business school and is working part time for KVOA TV, the local NBC affiliate too. We’re certainly glad to have her at The Salvation Army!

Thanks for your creative idea to help the Army, Ashley. We hope you have many more!

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