YouTube talents encourage donors to give to The Salvation Army
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This year’s Rock the Red Kettle Concert was incredible! We were blessed to have talented artists such as Shawn Mendes, Becky G, R5, Bea Miller, Exist Elsewhere, and Josh Levi grace the stage in support of our 124th Red Kettle Campaign. What we didn’t know that night was that watching from the audience was a pair of talented young women who not only heard our message about Doing The Most good and giving back this holiday season, but took it upon themselves to help us spread the word.

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Part 6 of ‘Christine’s Closet’ fashion series

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Christine Burton, our resident savvy shopper, recently posed for a new series of photos.

During the Spring, we posted a five-part series called “Christine’s Closet” which highlighted Christine’s shopping prowess and featured some of the beautiful pieces she’s purchased at our Salvation Army Family Stores.

Click here for a link to the “Christine’s Closet” page.

This is my favorite outfit so far. Christine started with one beautiful piece and then created a stunning ensemble with the help of her digital camera, a printer and some fabric paint!

Here’s how it started. On one of her visits to her local Salvation Army store, Christine spied the tulle poking out from the bottom of the skirt as it hung on the rack. When she pulled it out to have a look she noticed the image of the bird and florals and knew she had to have it. So, for the princely sum of $3.99 (not including her discount!), she took it home!

But Christine couldn’t stop there. She wanted a custom design for the top that would bring the whole look together, so she took a photo of the image on the skirt, printed it out on an iron-on transfer, applied it to a white wrap-around top and then filled in and punched up the color with fabric paint!

Have a look at the slideshow below to see how the outfit turned out.

Keep in mind, every gently-used item you donate that can be sold in one of our stores helps fund our no-fee drug and Adult Rehabilitation Centers! Everything you give and purchase allows someone pursue sobriety, wholeness and salvation in the safety of our program.

Click here to find a store or drop off location near you!

Stay tuned to this blog for more looks in our “Christine’s Closet” series.