The Cross at Camp Mt. Crags & Gilmore

Some days June Loo wonders why she does what she does, but the day she met Jacob was not one of them.

Every summer across the United States, thousands of kids are treated to a week at Salvation Army summer camp.

For most, it’s a respite from real life and an opportunity to experience and learn things we hope they never forget.

Jacob is a tiny, eight year-old boy from Ventura County, California. Since birth he’s lived with a foster family because his mom struggles with drug addiction. He rarely sees her. His week at camp just ended on Monday.

June, my colleague and friend, had the privilege of picking up a van full of campers that day from Salvation Army Camp Mt. Crags and Camp Gilmore in the Malibu Mountains for the trek back to Ventura County. Jacob – away at our camp for the first time – was one of those kids.

On the drive back, June asked the boys and girls to tell her about some of their favorite experiences. Jacob piped up that he enjoyed singing grace before each meal and treated her to his rendition of “Be Present at our Table Lord” all the way home:

Be present at our table Lord,
Be here and everywhere adored.
These mercies bless and grant that we
May live in fellowship with Thee.

God is at work in Jacob’s life. His words are ministering to Jacob’s heart. We pray that Jacob does indeed “live in fellowship with Thee” all of his days.

Please help us give boys and girls like Jacob a chance to play and learn and grow at camp.

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