Target BullseyeNorthern California student Angel Lopez is getting ready to go back to school and learn about his favorite subject – science. He was one of the 3,000 kids in The Salvation Army’s US Western Territory who shopped at Target on Tuesday for back to school during the yearly Target School Spree with The Salvation Army.

The retailer donates about $1 million worth of $80 gift cards so kids pre-selected by the Army can shop with a volunteer and pick out clothes, shoes, backpacks, notebooks, crayons, calculators and all the essentials they’ll need to start the school year with confidence.

In this video posted to the Redwood City Patch by Stacie Chan, hear Angel describe the program:

>>> <<< [caption id="attachment_4642" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Sweet girl chooses things for her brother!"][/caption]Margarita, from our social services department in East Los Angeles, told us a sweet story about one of their shoppers:

A young girl in the fourth grade used her Target gift card to put someone else above herself. She picked out some things she needed and a few special items for her older brother’s birthday too.

But when the time came to check out, she’d gone over her total. After thinking about it for a couple of moments, she decided to keep what she picked out for her brother instead of things she chose for herself.

But the giving didn’t stop there. A member of the US Army (the other Army!) was behind her in line and watched her buy the birthday gifts she chose for her brother. He scooped up the items she put back, paid for them, and then ran to catch her so he could send her home with some back to school stuff for herself. How thoughtful!

>>> <<< If you'd like to see photos of some of our Target School Spree events from around the Western Territory, please click here for a link to the Target School Spree 2011 collection on our Flickr page.

We want to thank Target for this wonderful opportunity to help kids get prepared to go back to school. They’re a great company and a wonderful partner in this project and so many others.

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