Sally One serves first responders at Red Mule Ranch

By now the sight of Salvation Army staff and volunteers serving at the scene of large-scale disasters like hurricane Katrina, 9-1-1 or the recent tornadoes in the South is no surprise.

But did you know that Salvation Army staff and volunteers also show up for small, local disasters that happen almost every day somewhere in the US?

Before the break of dawn yesterday morning, the Sally One (our emergency / disaster response rig) crew provided a meal, hot coffee, snacks, and cold drinks to 22 volunteer firefighters who were battling a hay bale fire at Red Mule Ranch in Montana.

“The Salvation Army counts it a privilege to be able to serve the men and women of the Cascade County Volunteer Fire Departments. First responders are our first line of defense when homes and lives are threatened with disaster,” said Jesse Oldham, our Emergency/Disaster Services Coordinator in Great Falls, Montana.

Sally One

So far this year the Great Falls Emergency/Disaster Services staff and volunteers have put in more than 339 hours of service providing 436 meals, more than 900 hot and cold beverages, 950 snacks, and 1,295 cases of water either in response to emergencies in Cascade County or by distribution to their rural Volunteer Fire Departments.

And, the story’s much the same in your community. Anywhere you find first responders protecting the community against natural disasters, terrorist acts and other emergencies, you’ll probably find The Salvation Army too.

If you’d like to know more about our ongoing activities in emergency and disaster relief, bookmark our Emergency Disaster Services website where you can learn about available training, stay current on disaster news, and find volunteer opportunities.

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