The graduate students in City University of New York’s School of Journalism were recently given a special project. Last week they fanned out across Brooklyn, New York to talk to the staff and clients at food pantries and soup kitchens.

When they went to The Salvation Army in Bushwick on Tuesday, September 13 they found something unexpected.

Heidi Boston has been the head cook at The Salvation Army Bushwick Community Center for the last six years. On Tuesday, she’d gotten to work at about 6:30 a.m. to prepare 96 pieces of chicken, 26 pounds of vegetables and about 8 pounds of potatoes to serve for lunch.

When the lunch crowd rolled in Heidi noted that many of her guests are older than what she’s used to seeing.

In fact, a quick poll of the 78 assembled diners showed that a little more than a third of them are over the age of 65.

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According to the Feeding America website, the problem of food insecurity among senior citizens isn’t new and is projected to increase by 50% as the youngest members of the Baby Boom Generation reach 60.

Here are some other facts from their website:
>> In 2010, 7.9 percent of households with seniors (2.3 million households) were food insecure
>> In 2010, 9.0 percent of the elderly lived below the poverty line (3.5 million older Americans)
>> Senior are more likely to be food insecure if they:
—- Live in a southern state
—- Are younger (60 to 65)
—- Live with a grandchild
—- Are African America or Hispanic

During their working years, our senior citizens farmed their land, taught in our schools, ran small business and in so many other ways contributed to the prosperity Americans enjoy. Please help them get the kindness, support and nutrition they need today.

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