Our national blog site posted a piece this week about the Army’s commitment to combat the scourge of human trafficking here in the US and across the globe.

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Here in the Western US, we have Salvation Army staff dedicated to this purpose in a number of communities.

One such staffer is “Sharon,”* a social worker who has been the case manager for a young woman named “Ingrid.”*

“Sharon” has been helping her adjust to her new-found freedom and will accompany “Ingrid” home this month to be reunified with family members she hasn’t seen in more than twenty years.

Not only will they be meeting family members but visiting with diplomatic officials who helped make the trip possible.

The Salvation Army’s extensive network of programs and services also helped prepare “Ingrid” and her party for the journey.

For example,
::  Our Missing Persons department gave counsel on the realities of family reunification.
::  Our Charity Airline Miles program supplied “Sharon” with a ticket.
::  Salvation Army staff in “Ingrid’s” home county are giving advice on travel logistics and local customs.

We ask you to pray for “Ingrid’s” emotional well-being and the safety of her traveling party. Once she’s safely home, I’ll post more about her story.

* Identifying details about this story are being kept quiet for now to protect “Ingrid” from media attention both here and and abroad.

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