Every week, our field units fill out an online ‘People Count’ report which summarizes their activities over the last seven days of ministry.

What they report is up to them. It can be anything the local staff wants to share: statistics, testimonies, creative ideas and more.

This week our field staff shared a number of great stories but I thought that the following two did a wonderful job of capturing the heart and the breadth of Salvation Army ministry across the Western US.

We rejoice when a six year-old girl makes a free throw!
From Concord, California – “I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a six year old play basketball, but the kids are barely taller than the ball. We sponsor three teams in a league in a nearby city and one of them is comprised of six and seven year olds that have never played before.

Despite their effort, they are winless after three attempts. This last weekend we lost 29-1. It sounds awful but the kids tried hard. Our only point came when a six-year girl was fouled and got two free throw attempts – she made one. It wasn’t much but it gave us something to celebrate.

Though they are winless on the court, they are winners because our coach Will Harper does a marvelous job of mentoring these young lives in a Godly way. What a privilege is ours to influence these little lives, some year after year.”

We reach out on behalf of a desperate mom.
From Colorado Springs, Colorado – “An anxious mother called us from California, having found our local Salvation Army in Colorado Springs by searching the internet. Her 22-year old son had been drinking, just lost his job, his girlfriend had left him and he was being evicted from his apartment – all in the same day!

She was deeply worried because he would soon be homeless and was talking about suicide. The mother begged me to contact him in some way to encourage him and let him know what services we could offer her son at The Salvation Army. I went to his home almost immediately and found him very depressed. We talked for awhile; I shared the grace of God and his attitude began to change. I then led him in prayer to commit his life to the Lord.

I followed up with him in the next couple days with phone calls and assistance in finding housing. Sunday morning he came to our church and wanted to be a part of our congregation and our Celebrate Recovery ministry.”

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