Christine Burton, photo by John Docter

Christine Burton has become famous around the office – and well beyond! – for her wonderful style and gift for budget-conscious shopping. No one I know can put together an outfit like she can.

Last Spring and Summer we featured eight different looks of Christine’s on this blog site with a bit of description about each one. All of Christine’s ensembles are built around a piece she purchased at a Salvation Army Family Store.

Click here for a link to the Christine’s Closet section our site.

We also shared insights about how she shops our Salvation Army Family Stores for the best stuff.

Here are a few of her shopping tips:

— She’s committed: visiting the store is a regular stop on her weekly “to do” list

— During a shopping trip, she starts with the shoe racks to see if there’s anything interesting in her size

— Then she moves on to the skirts to see if there’s a unique piece she can build on

If you’d like to read all her tips, please click here for a link to our first Christine’s Closet post in the series.

Like almost everything she finds in a Salvation Army Family Store, the outfit featured below has a great back story.

Last February, Christine was singing in her church choir to honor Black History Month. On the Friday before her Sunday choir gig, she was still shopping for the appropriate African attire she’d been asked to wear.

So she dropped by her local Salvation Army store and found this beautiful African gown. In her size. For only $8 (that’s $6, with her employee discount!). And, in ready-to-wear condition.

Even though she typically finds her most treasured pieces when she’s just browsing, this time she found exactly what she needed and in the nick of time!

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