Salvation Army officer uniform lapel - Photo by John Docter

By now you may have guessed that The Salvation Army is built on a quasi military structure. Perhaps the word “Army” gave it away.

Our pastors and leaders carry ranks like Captain, Major and Colonel; they wear uniforms and they even have a salute!

But like military officers, they also get moved to a new assigment every few years as needs arise.  Read more about how that works by clicking here.

May and June is the time of year when those new assignments – we call them appointments – are announced.

One of the officer couples who will be making a move this summer are Captains Bill and Tolani Finley. They will be leaving Ventura, California for Anchorage, Alaska where he’ll run a drug and alcohol treatment program and she’ll supervise a foster care group home.

Their local newspaper, the Ventura County Star, ran a lengthy story this week to wish them a fond farewell and remind the community just how effective the Finleys have been in caring for the lost and needy in Ventura.

Please click here for a link to the story by Arlene Martinez in the Ventura County Star.

In communities all across the Western United States, officer couples and singles will be taking up new appointments later this summer just like the Finleys.

If you’re saying goodbye to your Salvation Army officer(s) soon, before long a new officer or couple will be touching down in your community to take up the good work. Please welcome them with open arms!

Thank you for your support.


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