Do Gooders across the US share their #SalvationArmy #RedKettleReason
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If you’re active in social media, you’ve probably seen a lot about The Salvation Army’s #RedKettleReason campaign this year. We’re asking the millions of do gooders who support our Army to tell us why they give. So far, more than 62,000 #RedKettleReasons have been shared.

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Two programs – 20 years apart – helped heal Dennis’ broken life

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Every day, people find healing from substance abuse and make peace with God at a Salvation Army rehabilitation center.

Dennis was one of those people, but it took him a couple of tries.

After a rock and roll career, hard core drug use and eventually drug sales which landed him in state prison, he met The Salvation Army for the first time.

He was in our Beach Haven Lodge, a pre-parole facility for nonviolent offenders that we used to operate here in Long Beach, California.

He doesn’t remember much from those days, except the kindness of the Salvation Army soldier named Barbara Taft who ran the program. Dennis didn’t know anything about Jesus then but Barbara’s actions were a great teacher. She made quite an impression on him.

That first go-round with us didn’t stick and he ended up in prison again. More than once.

Twenty years later he was still mired in an addiction to methamphetamines and alcohol when he took one of his “home girls” to sign up her kids up to receive Christmas toys from The Salvation Army.

He saw an old friend – Barbara Taft – and that was the day things really started to change.

Watch Dennis tell about his amazing journey of faith and healing in his own words.

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