Sierra Dwelle grew up thinking everyone’s dad was just like hers; drunk. But when Sierra was about eight she learned it didn’t have to be that way. Her mother finally put her foot down and told her dad to get help.

He left the family for several months and came back healed from his addiction to alcohol. That’s when her family settled into something resembling normal.

That is, until Sierra’s diagnosis of cervical cancer at 14 years old.

Sierra’s doctor told her that the cancer diagnosis meant she’d never be able to have children. Soon after, she began hanging out with the wrong crowd and by the age of 17 her own addiction to cocaine had taken hold.

Sierra knew she had to stop using so she went to the one person who could help. The one person she trusted not to judge her: her dad.

He took her to her first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. That’s where she got sober, made her first real friends, and met her future husband.

He was in The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in Sacramento and took Sierra with him to church one Sunday. That very day was the start of something new for Sierra.

Now she and her husband are Salvation Army officers and the parents of two children (she’s pregnant with her second in this video!).

Sierra’s story is a remarkable example of what God can – and wants to – do in the lives of the people he loves.

Who does God love? Every single one of us.

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