“Band Aid” Mike works in the warehouse for our Orange County, California Salvation Army Family Stores. He goes by the name “Band Aid” because he supervises the department that gives donated items a little scrub, a bit of sanding, or a coat of polish before being offered for sale.

Every item he cares for was given by someone who wants their donation to raise funds for our Adult Rehabilitation Centers (ARCs) by finding a new home and a new life with someone else.

Our ARCs are drug and alcohol centers that offer no-fee, residential rehabilitation to men and women whose lives have been shattered by substance abuse.

Our staff invests time and energy in helping residents discover God’s plan for their lives and learn healthy life and work habits while kicking their addictions to the curb.

The chair "Band Aid" Mike describes in the link below looked something like this!

Likewise, “Band Aid” Mike is taking stuff that comes to us in rough shape and giving it the attention it deserves so it can return to wholeness and have a fresh start.

Click here for a beautiful audio slideshow with photos by our very own webmaster John Docter, narrated by “Band Aid” Mike which shows him in action. Scroll down a little on the main page to find it under the “Expect Change” banner.

You’ll hear him tell a great story about finding several separate pieces of a high-value collectible – like the one pictured above – that he put back together so it could be sold.

:: Please click here if you’d like to find The Salvation Army ARC, Family Store or drop off site near you.

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