Lovely Lisa Barnes has quite a story to tell. Her life story is a classic example of how God uses The Salvation Army to repair life’s hurts and replace them with love and acceptance.

The product of a one night stand with a married man, Lisa’s mom did whatever it took to make ends meet. Most of the time she chose illegal activity like prostitution to get by. When her mom had a client, five year-old Lisa would often be left on the curb to wait for her to come back.

Sometimes they got help from local churches. Once, before stepping inside a church to get what they needed, Lisa remembers her mom turning to face her saying, “we don’t believe in their God. They’re liars and hypocrites.”

Needless to say, Lisa wasn’t raised going to church and was actively discouraged from believing in God. But things started to change when a Salvation Army social worker dropped by their apartment in the projects with a food box. The social worker told Lisa about their youth group and asked her if she’d like to give it a try.

Her involvement in the youth group eventually lead to her being adopted by her Salvation Army pastors and cared for in a way she didn’t know was possible.

Click the white arrow below to hear Lisa’s whole story in her own words:

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