Did you know the Cubs honored a Salvation Army officer during the ’32 World Series?
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The Chicago Cubs didn’t end their 2014 season on top but in 1932 they played against the New York Yankees in the fall classic. During that fourth game one of the Cubs’ most ardent fans ended her own season.
Her name was Eliza Shirley.

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Chef John says The Salvation Army showed him Jesus

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One of my roles at The Salvation Army involves visiting our headquarters offices and programs in the field from time to time. On a recent trip to Washington state to do some training, there was just enough time to record a testimony video during the visit too.

Before we left I asked around for ideas about someone on the staff at our Camp Arnold in Eatonville, Washington (near Puyallup) with a personal story about the change made in their life because of God’s grace and the outstretched arm of The Salvation Army.

Every work of God in the lives of the people He loves is inspiring, and Camp Chef John Tichy’s story doesn’t disappoint.

He grew up in a large family that did a lot of entertaining in their home. At an early age, he regularly sampled the drinks offered at the family’s parties and became an alcoholic.

Drinking had become so much a part of his life that he lost hope of ever having anything else. And, once he’d lost hope he stopped caring too.

He says that The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center was the one and only place he could go for help. The staff and volunteers showed him what Jesus was like and helped him get sober.

And, once they found out that he had skills in the kitchen, he was offered a position at Camp Arnold in Eatonville for the summer.

For John, that was the beginning of a long and powerful association with our Army.

Watch his story here:

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