Calling itself “Switzerland’s best-known band,” The Salvation Army in Switzerland has written and performed a song called ‘You and Me,’ for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

Nine of the 179 songs entered will be chosen by voters for the final show, airing on national TV in December and you can help them get there!

Though the web-based voting platform is in German (sprechen sie deutsch?), you can easily navigate it with a little help.
1 – Click this link to go to the SF Eurovision website (
2 – Login with your Facebook credentials by clicking ‘SF Login‘ on the left side of the page
3 – Once you’ve selected the option to login with Facebook, enter the email address and password associated with your account
4 – After you log in, select ‘Alle Videos’ (all videos) to see a list of all 179 entries
5 – In the top middle of the page, under “H,” you’ll see “Heilsarmee” (The Salvation Army) ‘You and Me’
6 – Select ‘4 Stimmen’ to give them all of the four votes you’re allowed to give
7 – Then scroll down to the bottom to click ‘Absenden’ (send)

The voting ends on October 28, so please follow the link to cast your votes before then.

And, here’s a great trailer they made to promote the song!

:: Click here to listen to the complete song and watch the video

We wish our friends in Switzerland all the best in the competition! Thank you for your help.

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