YouTube talents encourage donors to give to The Salvation Army
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This year’s Rock the Red Kettle Concert was incredible! We were blessed to have talented artists such as Shawn Mendes, Becky G, R5, Bea Miller, Exist Elsewhere, and Josh Levi grace the stage in support of our 124th Red Kettle Campaign. What we didn’t know that night was that watching from the audience was a pair of talented young women who not only heard our message about Doing The Most good and giving back this holiday season, but took it upon themselves to help us spread the word.

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Riders donate trucks full of love to Bakersfield Toy Run for The Salvation Army

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Felix Adamo /  The CalifornianThe Bakersfield Toy Run sometimes brings out un-traditional riding gear.Every December hundreds of thousands of kids in need get a toy through a Salvation Army program so they can have a Merry Christmas too!

Do you ever wonder where all those toys come from?

They come from people like you who adopt families in need, drop something at the Walmart “Fill the Truck” campaign, pull a tag off one of our giving trees at the mall, or give to the Marines Toys for Tots program, for example.

But sometimes the toys ride in on the back of a Harley Davidson motorcycle!

The Bakersfield Toy Run – one of the decked-out riders is pictured above! – is held every year in support of The Salvation Army. It’s the largest toy run in California (and the 5th largest in the United States), with over 6,000 bikes/vehicles participating!

People come from all over the state to ride and this year’s event was held last Saturday, collecting 2.5 tons of food, thousands of toys, and $40,000. And, all the participants got to parade through Bakersfield. Not too shabby!

:: Please click here to read more about the event from the Bakersfield Californian website.

:: Here’s a link to a gallery of more toy run photos like the one above.

:: Please click here for a link to the Bakersfield Toy Run website.

:: And, here’s a direct link to The Salvation Army website for Bakersfield. Feel free to drop by and make a gift or find out more about what we do in Central California!

Thank you to the organizer of the Bakersfield Toy Run, Don Oldaker, and all 6,000 riders! God bless you and Merry Christmas.

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