As lava flows toward Hawaii town, Salvation Army is prepared to help
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According to the Weather Channel, hot, molten lava from the Kilauea volcano is slowing creeping toward 900 homes in the city of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii. Thankfully, Salvation Army personnel are already prepared to respond with food and water for displaced residents, emergency management workers and volunteers through the use of our mobile kitchen – called a “canteen.”

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And now, for your reading pleasure

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The Salvation Army Western Territory is pleased to announce the publication of two new books!

“The Doughnut Sweethearts” is the original journal of one doughnut girl, Alice McAllister, who joined the 1st Division of the American Expeditionary Forces and was sworn into the U.S. Army as a private—the only way she could volunteer on the front lines of World War I.

With guitars in hand, Alice and her sister Violet McAllister performed for the troops, set broken bones and immunized for tetanus, but they became known for a simple luxury while at war—the doughnut.

“They made do with the simplest of supplies—a grape juice bottle for rolling pin, tin cans to cut the shape, a coffee percolator tube to make the hole. The day a line of 800 from the 26th Division lined up for the first 150 [doughnuts], they knew they had found their calling,” Judy Vaughn wrote in The Bells of San Francisco.

To read more about this 4.25″ by 7″ booklet, please click here for a link to The Salvation Army’s New Frontier website.

:: Click here to buy The Doughnut Sweethearts on Amazon

“Reflections of a Former Atheist” is the personal story of Glen Doss who rejected Christ as a teen and turned toward atheism, a mindset that ruled his life for decades.

Beginning with his Christian roots on a rural Arkansas farm in the 1950s, Doss journeys with the reader through his past—including a terrifying account of the 1967 Tet Offensive in Vietnam—as his “self-centered outlook” draws him into a spiral of depression and anger.

In the middle of a spiritual crisis at age 39, Doss accepts Christ and later responds to God’s call to be an officer in The Salvation Army.

As an administrator of an Adult Rehabilitation Center – our drug an alcohol program – he grieves along with those who fail, but exults for those transformed because, he says, “God also radically transformed me—from a hostile, self-destructive individual to one who can finally serve him as an instrument of his will.

:: Click here to buy Reflections of a Former Atheist on Amazon

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