The Salvation Army continues to assist those impacted by the Boston Marathon explosions.

The Salvation Army is providing support to survivors and first responders in Boston, Massachusetts, following the explosions that occurred near the Boston Marathon finish line yesterday, which resulted in at least three deaths and left more than 140 people injured.

Four Salvation Army canteens (mobile feeding kitchens about the size of a standard parcel delivery truck) were positioned at various sites throughout the city, including the Unified Command Post, the Family Assistance Center at the Park Plaza Castle, and Kenmore Square.
— The canteens were mobilized to Boston from nearby Salvation Army locations in Malden, Fitchburg, New Bedford, and Springfield.
— The Salvation Army will remain on-site at the Family Assistance Center as long as support is needed.
— As of this afternoon, 2,229 meals, snacks and beverages were supplied to the survivors, families and first responders.

The survivors and first responders also received emotional and spiritual care from 12 Salvation Army officers and 23 Salvation Army staff and volunteers.
— Eight Salvation Army officers were also deployed to each of the area hospitals where the injured were transported to be on-hand if pastoral care was needed.

The Salvation Army is in constant communication with city and state emergency personnel, and will continue to provide support as needed and requested.
— The Salvation Army is collaborating with the Office of Emergency Management, the Boston Fire Department, the Boston Police Department, Sparks, the American Red Cross, the Department of Child, Youth and Families (DCYF), Riverside Trauma, and the Boston Public Health Commission.

The Salvation Army is extremely gratified for the continued support of the public.
— At this time, the best way to be of assistance is to make a financial contribution at
— Personnel trained in crisis response are providing service. If you would like to volunteer for future needs or to be trained in disaster response, please visit

:: Click here for a message from The Salvation Army leader for the state of Massachusetts, Major Dave Kelly.

Please continue to prayer for those so dramatically impacted by this tragedy.

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