Capt. Thomas Stambaugh greets a visitor at The Salvation Army in Yuba Sutter, CA

With the arrival of Spring, The Salvation Army in Yuba Sutter, Calif. has begun taking their coffee cart outside so they can greet people who are lining up for social services with a hot cup of joe or a bottle of water in Jesus’ name.

“Just like downtown,” as my dad would say.

Imagine it; as people who are struggling to make ends meet gather in front of The Salvation Army for a food box, to get help with a utility bill, or access to transition housing or addiction services, they’re served a hot cup of coffee from a friendly Salvation Army staffer while they wait. Now that’s what I call service!

In addition to coffee and water, Captains Thomas and Kimberly Stambaugh use the the interaction at the coffee cart as an opportunity to tell people the good news of the Gospel and promote the various ministries of their church community.

Staff members prepare the coffee cart for service

The staff is trained to reach out to those who come to the Army for social services in a practical manner. And, since many of the staff were once on the receiving end of those services they’re delighted to give back.

According to Capt. Thomas Stambaugh, the coffee cart ministry is an important goal of his Corps (The Salvation Army’s name for a church or worship community). “It helps break down barriers between the staff and those we serve by showing people that we’re serious about caring for their needs.”

The Stambaughs have used a similar coffee cart in their other assignments in Vallejo and San Rafael, California with the same goal in mind.

:: If you’d like to help The Salvation Army in Yuba Sutter, please click here for a link to their website.

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