One of our Phoenix-area cooling stations

Every summer as Arizona temps go up, the vulnerable go without protection from extreme heat. Last year officials estimate that about 100 elderly shut-ins and homeless people died of dehydration. That’s 100 people too many.

When temperatures remain high and fail to adequately cool at night, the Weather Service will issue an “Excessive Heat Warning.” On those days The Salvation Army’s Heat and Hydration Project is activated and cooling stations open throughout the city of Phoenix to offer water, hats, sunscreen and a bit of shade.

One of the most practical ministries of The Salvation Army, the Heat and Hydration Project involves generous corporate partners and donors who collect water and needed supplies in advance of weather emergencies.

Successful water drive at Safeway

3TV and Safeway held a water drive last week that collected 92,307 bottles of water and $16,783. But that’s not all; through the summer Arizona residents can drop off cases of bottled water, hats, sunscreen and bandanas for the Army at any Safeway store in the state and we’ll work with the police and fire departments to distribute them on heat emergency days.

Local Ford dealers are helping too. They’re holding their Escape the Heat Water Drive from June 1 to June 16 at 11 Ford dealerships in metro Phoenix. Drop off a case of water at one of the dealerships and you’ll get a buy-one-get-one-free admission voucher to Tempe’s Big Surf Waterpark. Every case of water you donate will be distributed through The Salvation Army on heat emergency days at one of our cooling stations.

Interested in hosting your own water drive? If so, email Abby Rolfs or call her at 602.267.4170.

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