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Kid journalists create a newspaper at Salvation Army summer camp!

Submitted by on July 9, 2013 – 2 Comments

Christin Davis teaches journalism at Salvation Army summer camp! Photo by John Docter

Music Theater week at The Salvation Army’s Camp Mt. Crags in Southern California draws kids interested in the arts to four days of creative expression.

The kids put on a show at the end of their week – called “Follow U” – to showcase what they learned from the professionals on staff who taught them about acting, sound and lights, set design, art, hair and make-up, dance, choir and more.

One such pro on the teaching staff this year was our very own Christin Davis, managing editor of The Salvation Army’s New Frontier Publications.

While many of the kids focused on the performance and production end of things, Christin taught the kids interested in a different form of storytelling about journalism!

Eighteen kids participated in the production of The Crags Caller, an 8-page publication that told stories from the week at camp. Pint-sized reporters interviewed subjects, checked facts, filed stories, met deadlines and ultimately saw their words on the printed page.

:: Click here for a link to The Crags Caller online.
:: Check out more great photos of Music Theater Camp from our Flickr page, taken by our photographer John Docter
:: Here’s a bit more on the Music Theater Camp from our New Frontier Publications website.
:: Please follow this link to the Southern California Division’s website where you can make a donation to send kids to camp!

We want to thank all the talented professionals who shared their time and their gifts with our camp kids. God bless you! We know it was a week they won’t soon forget.


  • Kathy Lovin says:

    Thanks Capt. Rob – It’s really a great idea to expose kids to the rigors of real journalism! Let’s teach them to search for the truth, tell good stories and check their facts. Wish we were doing this at every summer camp.

  • Rob says:

    This is great! My wife does this at Music Camps we’ve been involved with for the last several years. The kids love to produce it and the rest of the camp loves to read it!