Every summer, Salvation Army youth camps host kids for a week-long opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, make new friends, eat good food, do a few crafts, play sports and hopefully, begin or deepen their relationship with God.

In fact, summer camp is one of the centerpieces of The Salvation Army’s work with young people. We invest a lot into making sure our camps serve the diverse needs of all kids no matter what their background is.

And the staff that oversees our youth work is the best at what they do. Exhibit A: Captains Lisa and Anthony Barnes from our Southwest Division – headquartered in Phoenix. They’re the Divisional Youth Secretaries and they’re fantastic!

This week they reported on how the summer went for them at Camp Ponderosa Ranch in Heber, Arizona. Here’s what Capt. Lisa said in her own words:

“For our last week of camp we had 64 kids who are children of active duty military families. It was a great way to end our summer. We has 7 kids who accepted Jesus for the first time and 18 who recommitted their lives to Him.

Through the whole summer we had 697 campers total: 327 kids rededicated their lives and 185 made first-time decisions.

I’m still blown away by all that happened this summer. The lives of our staff were transformed as well. We are thankful that we are here and able to see God move in such amazing ways.”

We rejoice with Captains Lisa and Anthony over the lives touched at Camp Ponderosa Ranch!

If you want to help The Salvation Army provide summer camping experiences that will impact the life – and eternity – of a kid in need, please click here to find out more.

Thank you!

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