People Count HeaderLoving God’s people is The Salvation Army’s ministry, so each week our leaders fill out an online highlight report called “People Count” to share what God is doing for people in their community.

This week’s compilation of stories included some miraculous, practical and downright sweet stories about how God is at work at The Salvation Army.

Here’s a curated selection of my favorites:

From Greeley, Colorado…
Submitted by Lt. Joel Boyd – “I have good news and bad news. The bad: because we’ve lost funding for a kitchen remodel, we must downgrade our meal service program to cold food rather than the hot meals we’ve been serving. The good: my heart was heavy as I went into our community kitchen to share the news but not a single person complained. Nobody was upset, but there was a definite sense of camaraderie; that we’re all in this together. It proved to me that our positive presence has caused our feeding program to be a place of friendliness and togetherness, where people feel they belong. There was a sense of ownership rather than entitlement. It was a great encouragement to us to see that our guests and friends understand and experience the kind of environment we have worked so hard to create in our community kitchen. Praise God for the subtle yet profound influence He has when we follow His leading.”

From Phoenix South Mountain, Arizona…
Submitted by Lt. Theresa Williams – “This week while running on the Phoenix South Mountain (PSM) Kroc Center indoor track, three teenage boys from the community came in to run as well. At the Kroc Center, there are prayer stations all around the track with scriptures, encouragement, and things to be praying for. After the boys ran a couple of laps they stopped. One of them said, ‘we need to stop and pray.’ The three of them went over to one of the prayer stations, sat down and prayed! It was an amazing sight to behold. It was also a wonderful reminder of why The Salvation Army is here in Phoenix South Mountain…people need the Lord.”

From El Centro, California…
Submitted by Captain Jerry Esqueda – “As my wife and I were driving by the El Centro thrift store late afternoon on Saturday we saw a man getting a large bag of clothing out of our donation bin. I informed him that he was trespassing and that the clothes and other items were donated to The Salvation Army. He said he wanted a shirt and asked if he could get one. I said, ‘I am sorry but I can’t,’ then I opened my van door and pulled out one of my own shirts and gave it to him. I asked him about his life. He said his wife left him with two kids and he is struggling. I shared God’s plan of salvation and he accepted Christ into his heart. He said ‘thank you’. Later I asked a corps soldier [church member] take his family a food basket and invited Manuel and his family to church. To God be the Glory!”

If you have a great story of what God is doing in your community, please share it with us! We’d love to hear it.

Thank you and God bless you.

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