Capt. James Brickson is a contestant in the World Record Bell Ringing competition being held now across the United States. He’s ringing in chilly Albert Lea, Minnesota.

The contest began at noon EST on Giving Tuesday, December 3, so the three remaining contestants have withstood the elements to ring the bell for 75+ hours!

Besides Capt. Brickson, there are two other contestants in the running; Major Butch Soriano here in the Western US is ringing at the Walmart in Colton, California and volunteer Andre Thompson competing in front of a Walgreens in Tyler, Texas!

Eric Brickson, brother of Capt James Brickson is pictured on the right

Eric Brickson, brother of Capt James Brickson is pictured on the right

Capt. Brickson’s brother Eric lives in Sacramento, California and is a vocalist for an a capella group called Voices of California (aka VoCal).

Eric wanted to support his brother across the country, so he streamed some video of his group performing four Christmas songs so Capt. Brickson could listen live from his ringing location.

“Anything to support my brother. If I can’t be there in person, then I want to do something from 2,000 miles away. Hopefully, we cheer him up and give that support to pass the record. I don’t watch television, but we’ve had my brother’s UStream in my house the last couple of days. He’s my big brother, I want to be there for him.”

Here’s a video of VoCal performing (they’re FANTASTIC!) Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys for big brother James, shot by our PR pro in Sacramento, Syd Fong:

What a sweet way to honor Capt. Brickson and all of our bellringers who are raising money and awareness about the important work The Salvation Army does through red kettles all across the United States!

If you’d like to get in on the action, please visit our Online Red Kettle website where you can set up your own virtual kettle or find a kettle that could use some support!

Thank you.

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