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Like all giving to The Salvation Army, it’s all about local. That’s one of many things people like best about us.

When you put money in the kettle or respond to a fundraising email or letter, your gift stays in your community to care for people who struggling to make ends meet.

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Actor @boxleitnerbruce stars in Silver Bells & this Salvation Army PSA from the vault!

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Silver Bells MovieActor Bruce Boxleitner is the star of a great family holiday film this year called Silver Bells. In the film he plays Bruce Dalt, a hyper-competitive sportscaster and family man.

Here’s a summary: one evening Dalt fails to keep his anger in check after a bad call at his son’s basketball game. He has a run-in with the ref who made the call and his actions lead to a suspension from the television station where he works. When the ref decides to press charges, the judge brought in to mediate the dispute gives him a very creative sentence: a Red Kettle bellringer for the upcoming Christmas season!

:: The film will air on UpTV – a cable channel focused entirely on uplifting programming at 9:00PM on December 13, 18 and 21! Click here for a link to the UpTV website so you can find out more.

But this isn’t the first time Boxleitner has used his talent to support the work of The Salvation Army!

Here is his mellifluous voice in a public service announcement about The Salvation Army’s efforts to help the residents of a small West Virginia town after the Snowy River bridge was washed out.

Bruce Boxleitner

We just wanted to use this space to tell Bruce Boxleitner thank you! We’re big fans of yours too.

Merry Christmas!

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