The Los Angeles Clippers are making an impact in Los Angeles and not just on the basketball court!

They recently spruced up the library / computer room at The Salvation Army’s Westwood Transitional Village with 11 computers, 10 computer chairs, 10 pairs of headphones, 1 printer, 20 iPads Minis, 1 Macbook Pro and one iPad cart that will be used to store and charge the Minis.

They also repainted the room and will soon be installing a new window and new counter tops too.

The big unveiling took place last Saturday. Players Jamal Crawford, Byron Mullens and J.J. Redick, along with staff from the front office, visited the center to show the kids the new library. They played games on the new computers, practiced taking selfies with the iPad Minis, and listened to a reading of the book Stone Soup!

Clippers player Jamal Crawford takes his turn reading from Stone Soup.

Clippers player Jamal Crawford takes his turn reading from Stone Soup.

This project came together after the wife of one of the players visited Westwood Transitional Village at Christmas time to host a toy drive. She asked about the computer room and then began hatching a scheme to refurbish it, with help from Denise Booth, Los Angeles Clippers Director of Community Relations and Player Programs.

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The Westwood Transitional Village is a 40-unit residential housing facility that provides support services for homeless families. Families can spend up to two years at Westwood while they stabilize and acquire the skills needed for independent living.

Approximately 150 individuals live at The Village at all times; with families of veterans making up forty percent of the residential population, and two thirds of the total population being children.

The Westwood ‘campus’ includes administrative offices and a community center, as well as an adjacent child development center.

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