Pregnant and parenting teen girls find a home at The Salvation Army’s White Shield in Portland.[/caption]Back in December, the good folks at Hallmark chose The Salvation Army to benefit from their online campaign called “Countdown to Christmas.” They asked Facebook fans to express the meaning of Christmas on their social media Wish Map App with a special message for someone they love.

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A portion of the funds raised are helping The Salvation Army White Shield Center in Portland, Oregon!

In 1899 The Salvation Army opened the White Shield Center as a maternity home and now it serves Portland-area pregnant and parenting teen girls. Most of the girls have come from situations and families that haven’t prepared them well for parenthood. And, many of them need a caring adult to re-parent them before they can do a good job with their own child.

That’s exactly what they get at the White Shield Center.

Each young woman receives counseling, life skills development, parenting classes, case management, health and wellness programs, and more intensive psychiatric care or substance abuse rehabilitation, if they need it. There’s also an on-site school for the moms and day care for their kids.

Kami is one of the teen moms who came to the White Shield Center as a pregnant runaway. With few positive adult role models in her life, she had so much to learn.

Click on the arrow below to find out more about Kami’s story (and see her adorable little girl!):

If you’d like to make a gift that supports the Portland White Shield Center, please click here. Be sure to choose “White Shield” from the drop down menu.

We want to thank our creative and generous friends at Hallmark for helping us to care for young women like Kami. She and so many other pregnant and parenting teen girls count on The Salvation Army to help them meet the challenge of becoming moms.

We’re grateful for your support!

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