Do Gooders across the US share their #SalvationArmy #RedKettleReason
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If you’re active in social media, you’ve probably seen a lot about The Salvation Army’s #RedKettleReason campaign this year. We’re asking the millions of do gooders who support our Army to tell us why they give. So far, more than 62,000 #RedKettleReasons have been shared.

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A kindly volunteer, Salvation Army, & Mexican consulate help a man find his home

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Claudio storyLast week my colleague Kevin White called with an incredible story. He works at The Salvation Army in Orange County, California and was able to witness a small miracle come together.

Here’s what he told me.

Luz Vanegas, a kind-hearted worker at a local sandwich shop introduced a gentleman named Claudio to The Salvation Army, hoping we could provide him with some essentials like food, clothing and shelter. He seemed to be lost and probably homeless too, so she thought our Army could help.

The manager of our Salvation Army Hospitality House in Santa Ana, Martin Barerra-Martinez, met Claudio and tried to assess his situation. Because of his slow gait and speech, he suspected that Claudio might have had a stroke but managed to find out a few things about him.

Barerra-Martinez thought he might be a Mexican national so he called the consulate for some guidance. He spoke to Loreta Ruiz who manages the consulate’s protection and legal affairs department. She interviewed Claudio and got enough information to contact his family in Mexico.

What Loreta found out was nothing short of amazing.

Click this link to a story in the Orange County Register to find out more.

:: The Salvation Army in Santa Ana is raising money to renovate the Hospitality House so they can serve more people like Claudio. Click here for a link to the website where you can learn more.
:: If you’d like to help us care for people like Claudio in your community, please click here for a link to the donation page of our website.

We’re thankful to Luz from the sandwich shop and Loreta from the consulate for the extra effort they made on Claudio’s behalf. God bless you both!

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