In Liberia, The Salvation Army is working with a variety of agencies that specialize in medical response, such as Young Life, the Liberian Red Cross and Medecins Sans Frontieres (also known as Doctors Without Borders). These groups are providing medical services, leaving the provision of food and other essentials to the government and other groups.

The Salvation Army is supporting 5,000 people with food since many who have recovered from Ebola often return home to find their possessions removed to ward off further infection. Normal life has ground to a halt in large areas because of quarantines, making it difficult to find food and other services.

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Hygiene supplies and education are important in the fight to slow down the spread of Ebola. Teachers from The Salvation Army’s 12 schools in Liberia are being trained to provide Ebola awareness and hygiene education in the communities around the schools.

In Sierra Leone, plans are in place to provide food support and disinfection materials.

Local Salvation Army church members in the region are investigating reports that a number of children are being left orphaned and helpless when their parents catch Ebola. Once the situation becomes clear, local Army staff will develop a plan to support the children while their parents recover.

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